Role Models, Pt. 1: Sreejesh Nair

0 0 December 5, 2015

Doing something a little different this time around instead of just linking to a video and dropping in a lazy caption. I’d like to talk about a person in the industry that has helped me (albeit, unknowingly) learn and grow as an engineer by giving back to the community on a number of levels.

Sreejesh Nair is a fount of knowledge on topics like audio post production, Avid technologies, and mixing for surround / Dolby Atmos. Better yet, he is passionate about sharing his experiences for all with a thirst for learning. His blog has been an invaluable source on multiple occasions throughout my career. If you’re trying to dabble in the dark arts of mixing in Atmos, Mr. Nair is your go-to.

(Photo credit to his blog)

Here are a few of his blog posts that have been particularly helpful or have overwise resonated with me:

The Mix Assistant
A must-read for anyone starting their careers in the field. Approaching your intern/apprenticeship with the right mindset and attitude can have lasting effects on the habits you carry throughout your career.

The LFE Explanation
Anyone who has worked in a format that utilizers a subwoofer probably recognizes how important it is to manage the low end of a mix. A fascinating (and technical!) look into the relationship phase has on subharmonic content and how you can use it to your advantage.

The Final Mix Part 1and Part 2
A detailed look into Mr. Nair’s workflow on a film mix, from start to finish.

Bouns! Here’s a youtube link to Sudeep Audio interview with him in which he responds to a variety of questions regarding his career.