Role Models, Pt. 2: Watson Wu

0 1 March 2, 2018

Oh hey, look- I managed to stick to this and write more than one of these! Maybe this really will be a series after all…

In fields like SFX editing, sound design, field recording, game audio, and so on, Watson Wu is the kind of person who doesn’t need much introduction. A producer, writer, sound designer, and field recordist, Mr. Wu’s work can be heard in both Hollywood film (Baby Driver) and AAA game titles (Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed). The guy even has a custom set of RØDE microphones named after him for crying out loud.

I had the great privilege of accompanying Mr. Wu and his team on a weapon recording session out in Nevada for Hexany’s role on Ring of Elysium. A long, hot day sitting out exposed in the desert sun would wear on most peoples’ mood no doubt, but he remained outgoing and eager to answer every last question I pestered him with between takes. I remember his professionalism in terms of keeping the recording session productively moving forward while still keeping the crew in high spirits, which is something I have tried to carry with me through my career. Here’s an excellent article written by Mr. Wu for the AudioKinetic blog regarding all the recording he did for RoE.

(Video produced by Mr. Wu from that recording session. And yes, that’s me at 0:30 ruining a take by exclaiming right after firing the gun…)

Here are few of his other blog posts or interviews that I have found to be helpful:

MIGS 2018 Talk – Sound Files: Going from New Recordings to a Vast Number of Assets
Super detailed talk that covers a wide variety of topics when it comes to recording your own source material for game audio.

Mini-Me RØDE Blimp: Part 1 & Part 2
Two fantastic posts from his blog that cover a DIY mini blimp setup for field recording.

My Portable Stereo Recording Rig
Great tips on making an all-handheld field recording rig with a DR-100mkii and a MS-Stereo mic setup.

Bonus video of his belt hook set-up to take a handheld system to the next level!